Classic Beetle Carpet Set.

£90.00 GBP

Trim style

Lime Green
Green on Black
Blue on Black
Purple on Black
Burgundy on Black
Red on Black
Orange on Black
Pink on Black
Yellow on Black
White on Black


Classic Beetle Carpet Set

To fit vehicle: VW Beetle 1938 to 2003 - *SEE FURTHER DETAILS BELOW*

Driver side: Available in right or left hand drive

Materials Available:
Standard automotive carpet (6mm thick)
Premium Pearl automotive carpet (10mm thick)
Luxury Alpine automotive carpet (15mm thick)
Coffee Sack - More information

More information about our carpet and materials can be found here.

*This carpet set is a generic size designed to work with classic versions of the VW Beetle from 1938 all the way to 2003. Due to the slight variations in models and age of vehicles this carpet set may require slight alteration to fit your specific vehicle. Any alterations are straightforward and can be carried out by the customer. 

Tips to ensure a good fit:

Set the mats in the vehicle and leave them to settle before making any alterations. A warm environment helps.

Allow plenty of time, at least a few hours.

Use a new, shape blade such a a Stanley knife to make any cuts. 

Measure twice, cut once!

If you require any further advice or assistance don't hesitate to contact us. 

A complete set of interior carpets for your classic Beetle. Available in a wide range of materials, colours and trims from Rugs for Bugs. Please contact us if you have specific requirements.