Our range of rubber mats are ideal for the workhorse van. Whether you are a tradesman, private hire firm or busy family our rubber mats protect your vans floor. Thick and heavy these mats resist movement on the van floor like no other mat and aide in reducing road noise. The added convenience of being able to use hoses or pressure washers for fast and effective cleaning keeps your vans cleaning time to a minimum. 

    Tread Plate Rubber

    Tread plate rubber mats are our heaviest and most durable rubber mat and are available on T4, T5, T6 and T6.1 vans and are especially popular for the floors of Caravelles and Kombis.

    Ribbed Rubber

    Our ribbed rubber mats are a little lighter but are better suited to Beetles, Golfs and older T Series vans that benefit from a more retro feel. 

    Which ever rubber you have it will benefit from these features:

    • Machine cut ensuring a precision, tailored fit
    • Washable with wet and dry vacuums, hoses and pressure washers for a long life
    • Slip resistant
    • Aides in reducing road noice in the vehicle

    *Please be aware that our range of rubber mats DO NOT come with edge trim and CANNOT have embroidery added.

    *You may find that when new rubber mats have an odour. This is normal as our rubber is a heavy treadplate rubber.

    If you have any questions about our range of rubber mats don't hesitate to contact us.