About us

Rugs for Bugs, a brand born of two ingredients; passion and boredom.



A passion for all things VW.
The requirement to put an individual mark on something that rolled out of the German factory by the millions.
A vehicle that wasn’t the fastest thing from A to B, sportline excluded.
But transport that made the journey more interesting than the destination!
A vehicle that has captured the imagination for over 60 years.
A vehicle that catches the eye of many admirers.
A vehicle that makes the competition upset to say the least.
A brand that puts a smile on the faces of both young and old.

Yep! Boredom. The vision of another Beetle, Split, Bay with tired old mats, or a new California with a grey on grey interior or a hammerite painted beach buggy floor pan because nothing else is available.

A plan was needed to turn these vehicles into something as individual as the people who drive them.
Yeah sure we do practical black over mats for everyday use, but even these can be detailed with embroidery to add your rides name or company logo.
Our brand is designed to lift the interior of your pride and joy, to make your vehicle stand out, to add your style signature to your favourite transport. Each range is targeted to VWs historical lines, with many of our customers crossing over these styles.
We are continually looking to improve 60 years of the famous Volkswagen brand that we all know, love and spend our hard earned money on.
So whether you’re looking for a standard narrow weave carpet set for your classic beetle, something colourful for your California or bespoke flooring that is as individual as you are....

You may have come to the right place!!!