Our carpets

We love VW as much as you do and thats why we have a large range of mats and carpets in a range of materials, colours and trims. From standard black automotive carpet to our unique coffee sack range we have something that will make your vehicle unique. We are happy to send out samples and swatches of our carpets so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Black Automotive Carpet

Standard use over mat. These mats are for general use, they are practical, hard wearing and comfortable.

After several trials with other ranges and qualities of roll stock we believe we have found the best quality for our customers. The roll stock is manufactured in Italy and imported into the UK. We feel it offers the best combination for our clients as it is easily cleaned, offers good comfort and uses a heavy gel backing to reduce movement to a minimum. This is a favourite with our van conversion customers as it accepts custom embroidery with ease.


A high quality striped carpet with a modern action back to reduce movement.

Designed with comfort in mind! Customers usually require the stripes to run the length of their camper giving a greater impression of vehicle length. A range of six colours to suit the taste of those who require something a little different. The colours are Cali Blue, Cali Orange, Cali Teal, Cali BB, Cali Scarlet and Cali Rose.


Sisal is a natural floor covering adhered to a gel backing. This is extremely hardwearing and lives up to the toughest of challenges. 

Its ability to withstand the rigours of the elements makes it very popular with Beach Buggy owners. This floor covering is easily cleaned and has a long use expectancy, this is a must after long days on the beach. The gel backing helps to reduce movement.

Available in seven colours which include, Dali, Van Gogh, Cognac, Turner, Van Dyke, Rembrandt and Tungsten.

sisal swatch

Coffee Sack

coffee sack cab matTruly Different!!! This range has been developed by us and is totally exclusive.

We use recycled Coffee Sacks, these are adhered to a self adhesive backing in order to provide a product that has a greater quality than the hessian sack that we started with.
Very popular with Splitscreen and Bay owners due to its aged appearance. T4 and T5 owners are also switching on to this Retro look! Why not go further and have the door cards and interior panels covered for the whole Split Bean experience!

Each cab mat is totally unique as we use random sacks from many manufacturers around the world.

Narrow Weave Carpet

narrow weave carpet colour swatchThis is an eco friendly floor covering made from recycled materials and comes in over 50 colours. Please contact us if you would like mats made in this material or to request a colour swatch. 

Trims and Edging

trim swatchFinish of your mats and carpet sets with one of our many trims. In a range of colours picked to complement your chosen mat you Rugs for Bugs can produce something unique for your Beetle, bus or buggy.