T5 1+1 Seat Cab Mat - Heavy Duty Tread Plate Rubber

£30.00 GBP


T5 Transporter Van 1+1 Seat Cab Mat - Heavy Duty Tread Plate Rubber

To fit vehicle: VW T5 Transporter Van 2003 to 2015 - *Except California models

Cab seat arrangement: Driver and single passenger seat (sometimes known as a '1+1')

Driver side: Available in right or left hand drive

Our range of heavy duty tread plate rubber mats are ideal for the workhorse van. Whether you are a tradesman, private hire firm or busy family our rubber mats protect your vans floor. Thick and heavy these mats resist movement on the van floor like no other mat and aide in reducing road noise. The added convenience of being able to use hoses or pressure washers for fast and effective cleaning keeps your vans cleaning time to a minimum. 

More information about our Tread Plate and Ribbed Rubber mats can be found here.