Choosing the Right VW Transporter Mat

john protect

Posted on October 13 2022

Choosing the Right VW Transporter Mat

Our plan here at Rugs for Bugs is to turn your vehicle into something as individual as the owner who drives it! Sure, we can do practical , standard mats but we can also do bespoke mats that are embroidered with a name, logo or business.

We can supply VW floor mats for T5's, T6's. T4's, Caravelles and Kombi's, Beetle's, Golf's and even beach buggys. For example, our range of VW Transporter floor mats  for the T5 fits all models and variations in the T5 family. We can do various seat and door arrangements. If you are looking for VW transporter rubber mats  we can do those as well!

When it comes to choosing the right VW floor mat our top 5 tips would be;

  1. Do you want run of the mill standard mat or to make your van stand out and be individual?
  2. What material to you want your mat in? 
  3. Depending on the material, how are you going to keep you mats clean?
  4. Do you have any unusual door, floor, seat, furniture combinations that need a specialist fit?
  5. Think about the colour mat you want to make a statement.

Rugs for Bugs manufacture high quality, after market mats and rugs for VW Beetles, Campers, Vans, Golfs and Beach Buggies. Proudly made in the UK to order. Any questions  - get in touch today.

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