T6 Cab Mat + Living Area Rug - Standard Automotive Carpet

T5 cab mat with living area rug in black standard automotive carpet

T6 cab mat with living area rug. Buy together and save 10%. Available in our black or grey standard automotive carpet with your choice of trim from Rugs for Bugs. 

Choose your van seat arrangement for your cab mat, then select a size for your living area rug. Have your rugs in black or grey, then trim in a colour of your choice added to both rugs!

Custom embroidery is available on this rug! Just chose and add a logo from the custom embroidery section to your order and we will add it to your chosen rugs where possible in a colour to match your chosen edging.

*Please be aware that other discount codes are not redeemable on this offer. 

Rugs for Bugs

£40.50 GBP 
Trim style
Lime Green
Green on Black
Blue on Black
Purple on Black
Burgundy on Black
Red on Black
Orange on Black
Pink on Black
Yellow on Black
White on Black